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Wholesale Nursery in Lawton, OK

wholesale landscaping plantsWe welcome nature lovers of all inclinations who are looking for healthy, full-grown plants. Welcome to Naturescape Nursery and Custom Landscape, your local plant nursery in Lawton, OK. Our plant nursery is proud to offer a range of plants, whether you’re looking for flowers, shrubs, herbs, small trees, and more. When you purchase plants from plant nurseries, you know you’re getting a plant that has been cared for as much as it needs to be, by staff members who know what each and every one of their plants requires to grow strong and healthy. Not all gardeners possess this expertise. But plant nurseries like Naturescape Nursery and Custom Landscape build an entire industry on being true experts in plant growth and nutrition.

Find What You Need

At Naturescape Nursery and Custom Landscape, we offer plants of all sizes and species that are ready for you to adopt. Our friendly staff is also available to answer any plant-related questions you have—answers to your questions that can help you raise your plants with an expert’s knowledge. Contact Naturescape Nursery and Custom Landscape today and we’ll tell you how your local plant nursery is available to introduce you to the fulfilling world of growing and nurturing plants.


Naturescape Nursery and Custom Landscape